About Victory Organics

At Victory Organics, our love for agriculture has deep roots.

An image of a gardner using Victory Organic's product.

A rich history

Our family has a rich farming tradition, dating back to the early 1900s. This large-scale agriculture farming experience combined with our focus on the fundamental needs of the soil and the plants within it enabled us to better understand the challenges and triumphs of farmers and home gardeners alike.

Victory Organics Soil Amendment Products

In 2008, we created Victory Organics, a full line of soil amendment products. We were tired of inconsistent nutrient and moisture levels in other organic products, as well as their strong odors, application hassles and unnecessary or unsustainable ingredients.

Our goal was to develop products that provide the same level of consistency and repeatability you get with chemical-based fertilizers, but in a safe, sustainable and organic line of products that are easy to use.

Our organic and vegan products provide a natural way to condition your soil, balancing and supplying your soil with the essential nutrients and organic matter for healthy and lush plants.


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